Written By: Lori Morgan aka Laura Renken


Autumn Star
ISBN# -0-8439-4892-2
Dorchester/Leisure July 2001

The Seeds of Attraction
Morgan Caine rescued Lacey Ashton from a couple of pawing ruffians, fed her
dinner, and gave her a place to sleep. He was arrogant, bossy, and the most
captivating man she had ever met. He claimed that she would never survive the wilds
of Washington territory. But trading in her society dress for dungarees, Lacey set out
to prove she not only belonged in the untamed land, she belong in Morgan's arms.

Yield a Loving Harvest
A federal marshal determined to see justice prevail against the men who'd murdered
his sister, Morgan was completely disarmed by Lacey's innocence and optimism. Like
an autumn breeze, she caressed his body, refreshed his soul and invigorated his
heart. At last, the hardened lawman longed to trade vengeance for love and the
wounds of the past for a future filled with happiness-to reach for the stars and claim
the woman of his dreams.

~Booksellers Best Finalist

Indigo Moon
Dorchester/Leisure Books
November 2000

He was her captive. She was the one woman
he could never allow himself to love.

Rebeka Randall knew nothing about the tall, dangerous renegade who walked into
the hotel lobby that sleet driven night. Chase Hawken's face on the WANTED poster
told her in more than words that he was the man to help break her brother out of jail
and guide them over the Rocky Mountains to home, even if she has to force him
under gun point.

But the man on the WANTED poster was more than she bargained for. Federal
Marshal Chase Hawken has worked undercover for the past year. He came into town
for only one thing: to see the last of the gang who murdered his wife hanged. He is
unprepared to come face to face with her twin or the emotions she stirs. But when a
confrontation with his enemies leaves Rebeka near death, all too quickly his life
changes, and a man who has never known a home must now make a choice between
the badge he wears and the woman he loves.

Together they will fulfill the legend of the Indigo Moon. A myth born in passion that
survives still today.

Award-winning novelist, Lori Morgan, creates a sweeping romance that will take you
on a journey through rocky mountain country, craggy peaks and blizzards, and finally
to Montana Territory, where some of the most beautiful riches can be found in the
form of sapphires, blue moons, and love.


“INDIGO MOON, by newcomer Lori Morgan, is a thrill-a-minute read that will keep
your attention hostage until the last page and have you begging for more. Grab this
book and be prepared to want to read it again and again. I know I will. This one's a
keeper.”— 5 Stars, Scribes World Reviews

“The code of the west hero is beautifully dark, and the ending star-bright.” — 4 Stars,
Romantic Times

“This is a fantastic story wiith sizzling tension, and gave me a wonderful feeling of how
truly powerful love can be! Sizzling sexual tension!”
— Five Solid Stars, Elizabeth Benway

“Fans of Indian and frontier romances wll be thrilled to know there is a new voice in
the historical market.” — Barb Deane, Barb's All Romance Book Store

Heart Beat Award Winner!
“Lori Morgan’s debut novel is, in a word, exciting! Strongly enigmatic characters
combine with vivid descriptions and exquisite narration to tell a story of love that will
captivate.” —Heart Rate Reviews